What Can You Grow?

You can choose to grow a crop or livestock that is of interest to you. Our farmers are growing the following crops and livestock, this year. We are continuously expanding our farmer base and are enrolling more farmers to increase the extent of operations and the variety of crops. If you are interested in farming with us, please feel free to enrol with us and will include you in the this / next crop cycle. If there is a specific crop or animal that you are interested in, please feel free to write to us and we will check our feasibility and farmer availability.

There are other ways in which you could support farming and these do to involve any investments. Please look below in subsequent sections to learn how you could support farmers and get involved in farming.


We have farmers who are cultivating Paddy, Black Gram, Watermelon, Musk Melon, Ground Nut, Maize


We have farmers who have taken up Poultry, dairy farming and Goat rearing


If you would like to farm any specific crop or animal, please feel free to write to us We will be starting Vegetables, Millets, Country Chicken, Prawn Culture soon.

How much money is needed?

Our aim is to promote agriculture and farming to the maximum extent in the minds of every citizen - right from a student - to a corporate professional - to a high networth individual. We understand that the financial status of the urban society varies significantly and do not want money to be an entry barrier for our customers to take up farming. So we have split the total farming cost to smaller units so that an individual who has lesser money can also take up farming. The total cost of cultivating a crop or raising an animal is split into multiples of Rs 5000 and you can start farming a crop / livestock in multiples of Rs 5000.

What return to expect?

We have got returns ranging from 4% to 12% per crop cycle, depending on the crop and the risk involved. For example, crops like Paddy, Ground nut, Black gram are low riskier ones but give you a low/moderate return of around 4 to 8% in a cropping cycle of 4 months. Crops like watermelon, cashew and livestock like poultry give you comparatively higher returns like 6 to 12% per cycle but the risk levels are relatively high.

Supporting, Non-Financially

We understand, not everyone will be able to support farmers financially or make investment in farming. We always appreciate one's interest in agriculture and farming. There are other ways in which you could show your support to farmers and farming. You could join us for a farm visit, interact with our farmers, get involved in farming activities at your leisure time and there are multiple other ways, too to get involved. Please feel free to write to us if you want to get involved in farming or you want to visit any of our farms.