“Financial inclusion in Indian agriculture is yet to deepen its roots. As a facilitator of P2P lending and other institutional finance, we strive to go the last mile”

Timely and adequate availability of finance is a prerequisite for the growth of any sector and Agriculture is no exception. Adequate agri-financing has proven to play an important role in supporting both on and off-farm agricultural activities including input provision, production, processing and marketing.You, as a farmer, are eligible to avail working capital by our easy financial solutions.
Profit-sharing basis: Hand-in-hand with our enthusiastic urban investors, you are eligible for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending that will provide you with the required working capital.
Conventional financing options: Institutional financing options through various commercial banks can be availed by farmers on our well-researched advice.
ISF only recommends credit facility providers licensed under Reserve Bank of India. Our vision is to connect investors with real farmers in need of working capital. Charging of exorbitant interest or profit-share is not in our scheme of things.
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“Technologies are not meant to be discussed only in seminars and conferences. Let's get technologies onto the fields and put them into use for farmers"

Our extensive experience of the agriculture sector and that of our partner testing labs, agronomists and other experts holds our comprehensive agricultural monitoring & productivity enhancement services in high regard.We operate at two levels to improve your crop productivity, viz.
On-field Crop monitoring: Our independent crop monitoring programme combines regular field visits along with qualitative and quantitative issues assessment.
Remote Field monitoring: Our remote crop monitoring involves drone and satellite based field analysis for various aspects lie crop performance, soil moisture conditions etc. Our services enable prediction of crop stress like onset of pests and diseases well-before it is actually visually to naked eyes through Multi-spectral imaging, evaluation of agro-meteorological aspects, analysis of factors that could cause a decrease in production etc.
The qualitative and quantitative issues assessment includes Verification of the available land for cultivation, Survey of cultivated varieties, Productivity estimates for potential production calculation, Identification of developmental stage, Verification of phytosanitary aspects, Verification of crop and soil management, Estimated time of harvest. You can get in touch with our field experts or through our Android/iOS Mobile App to get the latest updates on controlling soil pH, soil moisture, water-use efficiency, tackle weed growth and much more for productivity enhancement.
We are equally thrilled to have successfully implemented the effects of the pulsed magnetic field to enhance plant growth in our partner farms with technical assistance from Madras Institute of Magnetobiology, Chennai.
Let's get the technologies onto fields

“Farming is a profession of hope. We makes it more reliable through our testing solutions!”

Soil and water are the pulse for any farming activity to occur. In order to overcome any farming decisions predicaments, we deploy low cost based testing solutions to accurately determine the conditions of soil and water for better crop yield.
Along with our partnered labs, field agents, we determine soil fertility, soil pH, soil moisture levels, soil nutrient deficiency, fertilizer need, water parameters. Based on such tested parameters, you are advised through our field agents or through our Android/iOS mobile App about the optimum steps to overcome deficiencies and remedies.
Our testing solutions can also help avoid over-irrigation, thus protecting crops from diseases, excessive weed growth, saving water, electricity, predict early onset of diseases and offer advisories.
Farmers engaged in poultry, dairy, aquaculture, etc. can also make the best use of our specific & dedicated testing solutions to enhance the productivity of your yield.
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“Our tech-enabled mobile app can bring to farmers critical knowledge and guidance on matters related to fertilizer use, crop rotation, weather patterns, going organic—all through few swipes on the screen”

As you sow, so as you reap. Taking it literally, it is imperative to maintain a high standard of input factors before sowing and during the growth of a crop.
Agro inputs are crucial for small farmers in terms of yield enhancement, cost-cutting, and better quality production for better price realization. An efficient delivery system for quality agricultural inputs and services can play a pivotal role in agricultural productivity. We combine the requirements of all our farmers on-board and buy all the inputs like seeds, fertilisers, pesticides in bulk quantities, thereby negotiating better rates with suppliers.
As a farmer, you can rely on us for all your input needs. The nature of our input services is broadly classified as Fertilizers & Chemicals, Seeds & Planting materials, Machinery & Equipment.
Choosing to be our Farming Partner, you will get the right inputs, at the right time in the correct quantities and at an affordable price. The reduction in input costs will directly reflect on your profit margin. Our mobile app also lets you choose the type, quantity of input material for door-step delivery.
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“Today, a farmer rarely knows where his produce ends up, or how. We not only link your produce to the right buyer but also guarantee the right price”

Traditionally, the agricultural marketing chain in India is very long with a large number of intermediaries between the actual producer and the end consumer. The direct consequence of it is the declining share of farmers in the present consumer price.
We provide you with alternate marketing channels like direct marketing, contract farming, aggregation through farmers collectives and more to provide remunerative prices; essentially connecting to you the right vendor for a better market price.
Value addition is another important key to raise your farm incomes. We also process certain types of crops like paddy, pulses to improve its shelf-life and garner more income.
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