Our mission for 2020

We have embarked on a journey to bring in smiles in the lives of at least a million rural people in 2020. Our target people include farmers, farm labourers, rural women and other under-privileged. We invite you to be a apart of the journey.

Your small move can make a big change in someone's life. You are the pulse to reach the goal of #MillionSmiles. Invest in our noble initiative to promote agriculture.

Technology, the key differentiator

Farm technologies will no longer be only discussed in conferences and seminars. We are committed to bring them to the fields of our farmers

Increase Farmers' Income

Reduce inputs costs to lower the overall cost of production and create better market linkages to fetch a higher price for farm produce

Quality Inputs

High quality inputs, be it seeds or nutrition, lay the foundation for a healthy crops. We make high quality inputs an easy reach for our farmers

Access to credit

Improvise access to credit for small and marginal farmers by way of partnering with Peer-to-Peer lending companies, financial institutions

Farming as a viable livelihood

Integrating multiple enterprises of agriculture to generate higher returns and year round income for farmers

The golden partnership

Provide an alternate form of long term wealth creation for Urban people by enabling them to partner with farmers and make farming as a source of income

How you could be a part of#MillionSmiles

Support Rural Women in Goat farming

Enable a group of rural women to start goat farming by funding a purchase of 5 goats. You get a share of the kids when the goats give birth

Lease a pond and start Fish farming

Be a part a fish farm project. Lease a pond in partnership with other investors, grow Sea Bass and gain high profits in a span of 10 to 12 months

Farm hilly vegetables in the ghats

Partner with farmers in the ghats of Tamilnadu and cultivate hill crops like Potato, Carrot, Cauliflower or also lease a land to cultivate on your own.

Agriculture, sure will be your safest bet

Venture into farming by growing crops like paddy, maize, black gram, green gram along the delta region in partnership with a farmer or leasing a land

Join Us, be a part of our journey

Snapshot of our efforts towards #MillionSmiles

From providing high quality inputs to on-field guidance, our services to farmers span across enterprises, enabling them to succeed in their every step of farming.