What We Do?

The simple and straight answer to the question is "We Promote Agriculture". Yes, Our main objective is to promote agriculture and enhance the livelihood of farmers, especially the small and marginal. We strive towards making every farmer a successful person in his / her business of agriculture. We join hands with the farmers and form a business partnership in order to help them over come their agribusiness challenges. We also help them widen their business scope and achieve maximum productivity by integrating various other business enterprises like poultry, dairy etc.

Solving Working Capital Challenges

One of the main challenge faced by rural small and marginal farmers is lack of working capital. Timely input and action is inevitable in agriculture to get a good yield. Due to lack of working capital and sources, farmers are forced to defer supply of nutrients or action against pests/diseases. This results in a reduced yield. Most of the times, in pressing needs, farmers resort to local money lenders, paying a very high interest, which directly affects their bottom-line.
In order to solve the financial challenges, by way of a partnership, we provide the entire working capital for the farmers to perform agriculture in a seamless manner, free of any interest. All the farming capital are provided to the farmers as inputs like seeds, fertilisers, chemicals etc.

Increasing Production and Productivity

We provide regular consultations to our farmers in deciding the crop / variety to be cultivated, best package of practices to be followed etc. All our field staff are either Doctorates / Post graduates/ Graduates / Diploma holders in agriculture or allied subjects. We deploy them on the field to provide consultation to farmers so that better decisions are taken in farming. Our field staff consult with the local agri department, research stations and come up with the best package of practices for the region to be followed by our farmers. They also visit the fields regularly to provide consultations to farmers. we help the farmers do agriculture in a more scientific way, which directly contributes to increase in production and productivity levels.

Reducing Input Costs to Increase Margins

We help farmers reduce their overall farming costs. We combine the requirements of all our farmers and buy all the inputs like seeds, fertilisers, pesticides in bulk quantities. This bulk purchases help us negotiate better rates with suppliers. In addition, farmers depend mostly on local retail shops. In association with us, we expands their outreach to a wider range of suppliers to get better deal and discounts. These direct savings add to the profits of the farmers. We have also formed partnerships with multiple agri input suppliers to provide us good inputs at competitive rates.

Better Mechanisation For Higher Productivity

Since the land holdings of small and marginal farmers is very little, they cannot afford and is not viable to purchase machineries. Mostly these farmers rent the machines or use traditional manual methods for tillage purposes. We make mechanisation possible and affordable for the small and marginal farmers. We deploy our machinery at our member farmers' lands for cultivation purposes free of rental cost. The farmer just spends for the fuel cost which is a considerable reduction on the overall farming cost. For non-member farmers, we rent the machineries at a subsidised rates and this rent is sued for maintenance of the machineries.

De-Risking The Farmers, Financially

In our business model, we form a partnership with the farmers and all the money and inputs required for farming purposes are provided by us. the farmer does not spend any money form his side but has to just take care of the farming. On completion of the farming, the profits are shared between us and the farmer; of course, farmers get the lion's share of the profit. In this business model, there is actually no financial investment from the farmer side and he/she gets the profit without any investment. In the unlikely event of a crop failure and loss, all the losses are borne by us and there is no effect on the farmers. In short, in our business engagement, farmers invests no money; gets profit and gets no loss. Hence he/she is completely out of any financial risk.