Engagement Model

Our engagement model is mutually beneficial to all the three parties involved namely the farmer, you as the investor and us as the facilitator. Technically the engagement between you and us is that I Support Farming is your service provider helping you to take up agriculture activities of your choice. We take in your farming money as an advance and carry out activities to raise a crop that you have opted for. All activities are done by us on your behalf as a service, governed by a service agreement between you and the company. For performing the agricultural activities, we deploy farmers as one of our suppliers who supply land and labour to us. To keep it short, in this model, you the urban investor is the farmer, ISF is the service agent and Farmers are our suppliers.

The engagement between the farmer and the company is a lesser to lesse relationship. The farmer leases the land to I support Farming to perform agriculture for our customers. The farmers also act as employees to perform all agricultiral activities in the farm, for which they will be paid the wages.

To view the services agreement we enter with our subscribers, please click here

5 Simple Steps

How can you monitor progress

We believe in complete transparency of all activities and transactions. To ensure complete transparency, you will be provided with regular updates on the progress of the crops. The updates will be via emailers, containing the details of the farming activities of the crops/livestock which you have subscribed for, including the activities done, stage of the crop, photographs of the farmers involved, photographs of the actual fields etc.

In addition to the update of the crop status, we also conduct regular field visits during which you can visit the field and interact with farmers, yourself.

What is the risk involved?

The main risk involved in farming is improper management of the farm. Usually many people think that the common risks are water scarcity, pest, diseases etc. But in reality, there are control measures for all these and could be avoided by taking necessary precautious measures.

Selection of land plays a major role in averting the risk in farming. We make a careful selection of land to take up agriculture and we consider various factors like availability of irrigation source, soil factors, social conditions prevailing in the near by area etc., before taking up a land.

We also take up a stringent selection process when onboarding farmers. Various factors like farming experience, past crop yields, social status of the farmer, creditworthiness and reference check are considered when onboarding a farmer for engagement with us. Considering various factors, we arrive at a Farmer Score, evaluating a farmer on variety of criteria. Only farmer who have a minimum score are onboarded as members in this engagement.

From a financial perspective of your investment, though the likelihood of incurring a major loss is very remote, a loss in a season can be compensated by a profit in the other two seasons of a year. So on an annual basis, our customers will end up in a profit at the year end, though this is not a guarantee that you will receive profit.