Become a farmer, be your own boss

Being a farmer! Have you ever thought this could become a reality. Yes, we make it happen. A job where you are in total control is hard to find. We extend this opportunity to you by helping you engage in farming guided by our expertise. Our Model is simple. You take up our services and we enable you cultivate crops on a land leased by us on your behalf. We will take care of the end to end farming right from leasing the land, choosing which crops / varieties to grow, carry out end-to-end farming till the harvest. You provide us with the working capital, which includes land lease amount, cost of farming, harvest etc. We make it a profitable venture for you through our human capital and technology intervention. All the profits are shared among the stakeholders on the agreed basis.

You start as a beginner and learn as seasons pass by. Once you are confident , you can take over on your own.
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“With over 60% of Indian households dependent on Agriculture, the sector holds a huge potential for urban investment”

Investment in farming can provide you with some real tangible yields. You could partner with a farmer and take up farming on a profit sharing basis. You can start farming a crop/livestock along with a farmer by way of a minimum investment of Rs. 25,000 spread over 1 acre of land. While the monetary transactions that take place to partner with our farmers are routed through our RBI licensed P2P lending partner- RangDe, we are humbled to play a major & crucial role in connecting enthusiastic investors like yourself to the needy farmers of rural India.
In this model, you are a lender to the farmer (Borrower) via the P2P lending platform, RangDe. You forge a partnership with a farmer to provide the working capital for farming with an agreement to share his profits. Your risk appetite will decide the return on your investment. You could choose to lend to a farmer cultivating low risk crops like Paddy, Black gram or to a high risk crop like vegetables or livestock. As a responsible facilitator, we ensure complete transparency in utilisation of your investment by providing you with regular updates on the progress of your crops.
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Here's how it works?

Register with us by filling in the form for our team to contact you

Decide with our team on which crop you want to farm

Register with our P2P platform and Transfer Money

Download our App and start tracking your farms

On Harvest, receive your profits

Next crop cycle continues

“An opportunity for long term wealth creation”

Have all means but no time to spare for farming? If you own a farm land and are not able to farm in it for various reasons, be it time or proximity or have an idea of buying a farmland and put that into use, we are there to help you in farming. We can help you own a farm land of your taste or incase you already have one, we can help you make that into a yielding one. We work on a profit-sharing basis on your farm and bring in our expertise and human capital to make sure you succeed in farming. We would need a minimum size of 10 acres for this model to work as it becomes unviable at smaller scale.
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How our customers feel?

“Farming has been my dream.  Since I work in a corporate company, getting into farming has always remained dream but with ISF, it was a dream come true. I have been farming with ISF for more than 4 years. In addition to the returns, it gives me a satisfaction that I have helped someone get better in their lives. I am a farmer too!”

Why it feels great?

A blend of knowledge and Experience

You are backed by a strong team that is qualified both academically and in terms of having the experience in the relevant field. Relax, you are in safe hands! Our field officers are mostly graduates in agriculture so that we have the right fits for the right job.

The key is complete transparency

You are in complete control and fully informed of what's happening with your investment. Thanks to the Android/iOS App and technology we have built in, you could know the status of the impact you have created and the spend funds a real-time basis.

It's an RBI Approved platform and model

We have all of it covered on the legal and compliances front. The lending and borrowing model is an approved one by the Reserve Bank of India - the P2P model. Our partner platform through which all the financial transactions happen is an RBI licensed one.

An alternate source of income

Farming can be an alternate source of regular income and the essence of it is lower risk when compared to a share market and higher returns than a fixed deposit or a debt market. Don't discount the long term wealth you could create if you own a farm, howrver small it might be.

Serve a social cause

How best it feels when you make money on your investment and also have impacted a positive change in someone's life. You would be responsible for bring a smile in someone's life by way of your investment and be a part of the #MillionSmiles journey

To contribute to our economy

Ofcourse, agriculture is  major contributor to India's economy and Agriculture needs a support from all corners. With our country's target of a 23 trillion economy, a push from all quarters will make it a reality. We all know "Little strokes can down large oaks"