In the last week of August, we have had a couple of interesting visitors to our farms. All these days, we have been having different types of people visiting our farms. Most of them are fellow farmers who wanted to know some technical details or farmers who come with crop samples to know the remedial measures for a certain pest or disease incidence in their fields.  We have had some students visiting our farms to know more about agriculture. There have been agricultural officers,  representatives from agro chemical companies and so on. But the visitors we had last week are totally different. They did not know anything about agriculture yet their interest levels were very high. They were curious to know how agriculture is done and they wanted to understand the life of a farmer. They wanted to spend some time with our farmers, meet with them, speak and understand the challenges faced by the farmers.
The 2 visitors were from the IT industry. It would be just an understatement if I call them IT giants. Yes, we have had the cofounder and former Vice Chairman of Cognizant Technology Solutions, Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan and the current Executive Vice Chairman of Cognizant – Mr. Chandrasekaran visiting our farms and interacting with our farmers. Running a billion dollar company, I am sure these gentlemen are always on a very tight schedule that we could never imagine. Yet, they set aside a complete day to visit the farmers and spend a day with them. We were quite intrigued by this gesture and had several questions on what made them so fascinated by agriculture, We had a brief chat with them to understand why and what attracted them to visit farmers and the farming community. here we have the answers.

Glimpses of the visit