A Farmer was seeing a sign board daily. But never realised that it would double his income

Sridhar and Rajendiran are two farmers having fields side by side in the village of Kullanchavadi in cuddalore district of Tamilnadu. While all farmers of the village cultivated 2 crops of paddy in a year, these 2 farmers cultivated just one crop. Their fields are in a low lying area and during monsoon, their fields are completely filled with water for atleast a week. Due to this water inundation, they are unable to cultivate paddy in the monsoon season. The level of water would rise so high that it would just submerge the crop and any ordinary variety would die due to this submergence. These 2 farmers are highly interactive with the agri department staff and they visit the agri offices quite frequently. They buy their agri inputs from the local agri society and they see the board below, on a daily basis.
 Recently, these 2 farmers enrolled with I Support Farming in the pre-monsoon season. We were in preparations for the next season and started discussions with these farmers on the next crop planning. They mentioned that they do not cultivate in the monsoon season just because their fields are inundated with water continuously for a week and the crops might die because of water logging.  Our field officers mentioned about a paddy variety Samba Sub / Swarna Sub. The suffix “Sub” is nothing but a gene that is introduced into the regular variety. This gene provides resistance to the crop agains continuos water logging. These varieties can with stand water logging for more than 10 days and would very well suit the scenario these farmers are facing. Now just look back the  display board at the agri society. You could see the Sub varieties listed there and these farmers have been seeing them for years and yet are not aware of them. They were quite surprised when they heard the details and they are now planning to cultivate paddy in the monsoon season too. They are a little cautious and wanted to cultivate just half the acreage. Once they gain the confidence, they will go in full swing.